The Bioderma Crealine H2o, best beauty product ?

bioderma crealine

If someone ask me about one of the best beauty products, I’ll answer The Crealine H2O by Bioderma. My mother was actually looking for a new make-up remover, not too pricey so I told her to try the Crealine and she loved it! I was not very surprised because this beauty product is well-known and is used by professionals make up artists and models. But why is that product so special? The Crealine H20 by Bioderma is a really really great make up remover. I have sensitive skin so sometimes beauty products can be really hard to chose. I know they say that you don’t need to rince the lotion but my dermatologist always told me to wash my face after removing my make up with the Crealine. If you’re coming to Paris soon, I suggest you go to Rue du Four at City Pharma. It a well-known pharmacy because it’s the cheapest pharmacy in Paris, the prices are great!

Price : 2 bottles, 500ml, 14,99€

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Top Beauty Buys – March

Top Beauty Buys - March

I’m still on holidays, lucky me. I’ve finished my internship two weeks ago so I enjoy some time to sleep, relax and write. I had a problem with my macbook that why’s I didn’t post last week but it’s all good now. So here are the three beauty little things I bought and loved this past month.

C’est les vacances pour moi ! Oui j’ai de la chance mais j’ai terminé mon stage alors j’en profite pour me reposer, dormir et écrire. Je n’ai pas pu posté la semaine dernière car j’ai aussi eu un souci avec mon macbook, mais tout est réparé. J’ai profité des -25% chez Sephora pour y faire quelques achats. Voici donc mes trois achats beauté que j’ai adoré le mois dernier.

Beauty Wishlist March

wishlist mars 2015



Nars : Duo Eyeshadow St-Paul-De-Vence

Dior : Palette 5 couleurs 566 Versailles

Elizabeth Arden : Eight Hour Cream

Guerlain : Secret de Pureté Mousse-Crème Nettoyante // Cleansing Care

Revlon : Colorburst 205 Elusive

Emma Hardie : Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm

I didn’t wear any make up for almost 5 months due to Roccutane. I’m currently in my seventh and last month so I’ve started using make up again. Obviously, I haven’t bought make up for a while but that’s fine because I still have a lot on my drawers. I really like the little duo eyeshadow from Nars, Saint-Paul-de-Vence, but I better hurry up because it’s a limited edition. The Dior 5 couleurs Versailles is always amazing, the colors are absolutely beautiful.

I should have bought the Eight Hour Cream the first day that I started roccutane but I wanted to finish the others products that I had. Anyway, this cream is amazing, specially for dry skin. It’s a must-have. I really want to try the Secret de pureté Cleansing Care by Guerlain. I saw so many great reviews online.

Usually, I don’t really wear pink lipsticks, I like more nude and bold lipsticks but the Revlon Colorburst in Elusive looks really pretty. A great color for a casual, chic look. I heard great things about the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm. I just finished the Pure Melt Cleansing Gel with Marula Oil by Clarins so I may buy this one.

What’s your current make up wishlist ?

Bold Lip Colors for Every Skin Tone

Bold Lip Colors for Every Skin Tone

Hello guys. I’m back after a few weeks without blogging. I had a problem with my host server, but it seems to be okay now. So let’s talk about lipsticks. Bold lipsticks are probably my favorites! I love dark lips, I think it’s very feminine and pretty and the perfect color for the fall/winter season. I almost wear lipstick everyday for a casual chic look. You can wear a true red lipstick during the day or at a party…I really like bordeaux lipsticks they are probably my favorites too with the red ones…Usually some girls are « scared » to wear bold lipsticks because they are not use to it, but honestly, don’t be scared and put some lipstick and go…

Salut tout le monde. Je suis de retour après plusieurs semaines de silence. J’ai eu un gros soucis avec mon hébergeur, mais tout est rentré dans l’ordre. Parlons rouges à lèvres. Plus précisément de rouges à lèvres intenses, vifs qui sont certainement mes préférés. J’aime les lèvres foncées, je trouve ça féminin et jolie, la couleur parfaite pour la saison automne/hiver. Je porte du rouge à lèvres presque tous les jours pour un look simple mais chic. Vous pouvez porter un véritable rouge à lèvres rouge tous les jours où si vous sortez. J’aime beaucoup les rouges à lèvres bordeaux qui sont probablement mes préférés avec les rouges bien sûr. En temps normal, les filles n’osent pas porter des rouges à lèvres intenses car elles n’y sont pas habituées mais n’ayez pas peur et portez du rouge!

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